Wellness Workshop #010

7/13/16 - Wallkill, NY

This was our third workshop in one week. My heart is full. We hosted 35 Veterans on a horse farm in Wallkill NY. Joslyn led us in our National Anthem, we played football in a sandy horse arena (after I raked out some of the surprises), wiffleball, horseshoes and had a sweet bbq provided by Everyday Angel. 

Guest musician Talking Machin set our heartbeat for the whole event and at the end I watched every Veteran get back on the bus smiling ear to ear. Little blasts of joy give those who are in need the strength to drive on. My advice to the world, have a laugh and share a laugh, happiness is right there, you just got to look for it. 

And don't take it for granted that you're doing something "normal" the next time you're at a BBQ at your buddies house. Because its not normal for everyone, especially those sitting in a hospital because they fought for our freedom and lost some of themselves out there. 

And don't forget about the horses, they are so stinkin cute.

- Lionheart