Wellness Workshop #009

7/10/16 - North Port, VA

I teamed up with Gary Brown of Big 68 Foundation today to work with 19 Veterans in the recovery process. It was an incredible 2 hours spent sharing stories, laughs and encouragement of our Veterans to power on through their healing process. We cannot take pictures of the Veterans but I asked those willing, to evaluate our workshop today, it's humbling to read the comments and astonishing to hear them thanking us for simply visiting them to say hello, after they have given so much of their mind, body and soul. 

When asked if they enjoyed the workshop and if they would return.

  • "Yes very much! It was very motivational and inspiring." 
  • "Yes because it's a great atmosphere and would keep me inspired to drive on"
  • " YES! It was enjoyable and I am thankful they took the time to visit with us"
  • " Yes very important on how to give back to help your life get better"
  • "Absolutely! Made me feel great"
  • "no words can describe the excitement and great joy it brought to the Veterans Thank you! God Bless you"

They have lives and families, but are stuck in the 4 walls of a hospital until they can get back into society safely. Our efforts are put forth to help them in this process using peer to peer relationships and exercise as an avenue to reach a state of wellness.