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We are proud to offer our Helmet Sponsorship to those who want to support our event.

There are only 4 offered per Wellness Workshop. As the public is not allowed to attend the Wellness Workshops for the privacy of our Veterans participating, this is our way of giving back for your donation.

Helmet Sponsorship


You will receive a restored PFYF Helmet pictured below with the Veterans signatures and NFL Alumni signatures participating in the event. This makes a great display piece for your business or home to show your support. 

  • The helmet sponsorship allows the donator to attend the event under our supporter umbrella.
  • This gives the donor a chance to see in person what our workshops are like for the Veterans benefitting from them.
  • We will provide a group photo of those who choose to be photographed and a supporters write up on Facebook.

Join the mission today and request to be a sponsor!

All of the money from the helmet sponsorship goes directly to pay for the workshop's expenses and we thank you for your support. 

Not ready for the Helmet Sponsor but still want to lend support? Donations of all sizes are welcome and can be given via PayPal. Thank you!


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