Wellness Workshop #011

8/10/16 - Newburgh Armory Unity Center

Tonight we hosted 25 Veterans from a local hospital for a football workshop and positive peer to peer support. It was incredible to say the least. I want to thank all the volunteers who made it possible, Dan from THE WHEREHOUSE provided our Veterans with some incredible dinner, Every Day Angels With Marie Elisa provided dessert for everyone, Hillbilly Parade became our musical heartbeat during our dinner.

Our NFL Alumni Odessa Turner and Stephen Baker provided incredible guidance, competition and support for all the Veterans as they guest coached our teams to an incredible day. Thank you to @TylerLawsonkeeno for an incredible National Anthem. Thank you to Newburgh Brewing Company for the awesome after party as always!

As of yesterday we have had 232 Veterans come through our program since January 28th of this year. Just getting started. We would love for you to get involved or donate. Local dollars for local Veterans.

We asked the Veterans to fill out a small survey and here are some of the responses to the questions:

 "Did you enjoy your experience today?" 

  • "Words cant express my feeling"
  • "Yes! great staff and NFL players"
  • "Yes it was a great experience."
  • "Yes it was great"
  • "Yes I did, we thank you for your hospitality."
  • "Yes"
  • "yes it was a terrific time."
  • "The Best"
  • "It was amazing, really so much fun"
  • "Yes, it was beautiful"
  • "Yes, I enjoyed it a great deal"
  • "Extremely Yes"
  • "amazing, and thank you."
  • "yes for the rest of my life!!"

"How would you describe the intensity of the workout?" 

  • "it was great"
  • "The workout was great, I really enjoyed it."
  • "very intense. A good workout."
  • "very good"
  • "7 out of 10"
  • "Im recovering from an injury so i didnt play
  • "The Best"
  • "as intense as I wanted it to be and really no pressure given at all."
  • "intense but invigorating"
  • "it was light but invigorating"
  • "my whole t-shirt was nothing but sweat, so it was intense."
  • "perfect"
  • "intense"


A Specials Thanks to:

  • The Newburgh Armory United Center
  • NFL Alumni Odessa Turner and Stephen Baker
  • Jason and Sara - Hillbilly Parade Band
  • Dan Brown - The Wherehouse - dinner
  • Amy and Pedro - Hospital Coordinators
  • My Pro- Team - Jeff, Walt, Kyle, 
  • Coach Paul - ref
  • Tyler K. - National Anthem
  • Mr. Kaplan, Rob, Lissette for more than accommodating us in every way possible.
  • Helena L. - Assistant and photographer.