Wellness Workshop #038/039

Basketball and QB54 Tourney

Lyons VA

PFYF spent our 1 year anniversary at this facility by visiting the secured mental health unit. This as always proved to be a difficult atmosphere to work in. Men and women heavily medicated, depressed and isolated. We powered through to deliver a message of hope, shake hands and most importantly listen to the people in this unit.

The second half of the day was spent relocating our football game due to the storms. We will not be stopped. We switched gears to the basketball courts and QB54 football. It was amazing. We crammed into the gym with 75 Veterans and volunteers, had a blast as if it was planned all along. We will always deliver no matter the circumstance. It was appreciated by the Veterans who attended as they thanked us for still playing. We simply thanked them for being heroes, after all its what they would have done in the face of adversity. Bring the sunshine, not the clouds.
— David Lionheart, Founder