Wellness Workshop #007

5/18/16 - Peekskill High school Track


TRACK AND FIELD: was a huge success. I want to thank our volunteers @itsmelahudson , Jeff, Paul, and Peekskill district for everything. Along with nick naming me "white lightning" when asked if our Veterans would return to the next workshop, they said it best


- "Abso-freaking-lutely"
- "yes I will because it makes me feel better"
- "absolutely and I want to volunteer also"
- "yes it was fun and I did things I never did before"
- "hell yea ! Dave is the man, can't wait till next time"
- "yes I would it was fun to see the older guys run"
- "it was wonderful, I needed to sweat"
- "yes ! I'm disabled and I still had a great time"
- "absolutely! It was the best time I had in YEARS"