Wellness Workshops

We strive to make our Veterans feel special for the time that we are with them. These workshops are to get our Veterans physically and mentally active. There are laughs, some serious moments but we start and finish together. Our open air workshop model allows the Veterans to come and go as they need to, enjoying what they feel they want to. So far to date, we have a 100% positive feedback rate and almost 100% return rate if the Veteran is able to attend the next workshop. 


Thank you for your service

We express our gratitude to the Veterans who participate in our programs for the sacrifices made during their time in the military.  Our way of thanking them is being there to share conversation, light hearted games and genuine humanity. We are humbled by the men and women we are blessed to work with.


Getting fit

A lot of the Veterans that participate in our workout express that it's the first time in a long time that they were able to exercise like they do at our workshops. There is no substitute for natural endorphins released during playing, cheering and genuine joy. We bring all of those with us, every time.