Real Helmets / Real Heroes

I restore every single helmet, and hand deliver them to each Veteran who attends our workshop. It's my way of saying thank you to them for fighting for the freedoms we have - including our sports culture. I ask every Veteran to sign my helmets as they are the name sake of the program. Putting our cultural heroes on the same helmet as our military heroes, it's a concept that is moving hearts and mountains. Its about respect for our service members and their families.

- David Lionheart, Founder


Our Philosophy:

I started this program to create the mindset that although these helmets have scars and have been all but thrown out, they were taken, restored back to beauty and understood for what they have been through. Mirroring the issues we all go through that make us all different, beautiful and respected.

Symbols of Hope:

Every helmet is hand delivered to the Veterans who participate in our football programs. It's a reminder that we care for them, we spent the day with them and they can always reach us if they need anything at all. It's hard to look past a giant football helmet in your bedroom.


Visiting with Veterans

Not every Veteran that we visit with can join our group exercise and flag football game, but that doesn't stop us from having a fellowship with them. Having a lively conversation and listening to their stories is just the mental and emotional exercise some of our Veterans need. Visiting with our vets is a big part of the Real Helmets / Real Heroes program.