Using fitness and peer to peer support to help Veterans and their families transition from military life to civilian life.


 Since 1/28/2016, in our monthly Wellness Workshops, we have hosted 3,024 VETERANS!

These workshops get our Veterans out of the hospital and use physical fitness along with positive peer to peer support to create a healthy and memorable experience. We invite them to join our team of volunteers as they transition back into their lives to stay active and connected. 


The Spotlight


Play for Your Freedom is an official 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization based out of Newburgh, NY.  Our primary focus is on our monthly Wellness Workshops conducted to better the lives of local hospitalized Veterans.


We provide activities and programming to get the patients from the hospital involved no matter what their age or ability is. We do this with our monthly Wellness Workshops which involves group exercise, flag football, supportive discussion and camaraderie.

Local dollars for local Veterans

We are all volunteer-based on the PFYF staff and every dollar donated goes directly to the program expenses of the monthly Wellness Workshops and Real Helmets - Real Heroes program.

Playing Football with Veterans & NFL Alumni


Our football program has become our flagship event for local hospitalized Veterans. This event combines the excitement of being coached by NFL Alumni, exercising with your peers, and finishing the evening with a healthy dinner and live music. During dinner every Veteran is presented with a PFYF football helmet to have signed by the NFL Alumni. 


Wellness Workshops for the Mind, Body and Soldier

Alumni Visits

former superbowl champions

We have been blessed to have the support of local NFL alumni Stephen Baker, Odessa Turner, Gary Brown and Damian Gregory.  They add a competitive nature and respected professionalism while focusing on fun football games with the Veterans. 


workout fun & camaraderie

We base our workouts on a self monitored pace. The Veterans can play as much or as little as they would like. We make sure there is something for everyone to do no matter what their physical or mental ability. We all participate TOGETHER. 


No Matter What Age or Ability, There Is a Place in Our Workshops for You


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